Comments/Questions from Readers

    Question #1: "Matthew 19:4-6 says that "they two will be one flesh. Therefore they are no more two, but one flesh." Not three or four. And the same thing is in Genesis 2."
    Question #2: "I do not condemn homosexuality as sinful actions. If someone is born with homosexuality in their nature, they should be allowed to pursue their happiness with regard to their nature so long as it doesnít harm others."
    Question #3: "How do you explain Paul's statement in Ephesians 5:31-32 about the TWO becoming one flesh, just as with Christ and the church?"
    Question #4: "I can't find a scripture where a man was punished for sleeping with an unmarried non-virgin or a law that condemned such action. I only see scriptures pertaining to harlotry, which appears for the most part to be speaking of women selling their bodies. If a woman is a non-virgin non-harlot, which scripture or law covers that?"
    Question #5: "My question was whether Jesus defined adultery as divorce + remarriage. Or is it misconstrued that way when its really saying that divorce + remarriage = adultery? So there is no definition of adultery here, but a definition of divorce and remarriage?"
    Question #6: "My question is whether there is any way for a married man to commit adultery against his own wife or wives? I thought a man could only commit adultery with the wife of another man but I wanted clarification on Yeshua's words."
    Question #7: "Are you saying that all other religions are wrong e.g. Buddhist's, etc and are they also doomed? They certainly believe in their faith as much as you do in yours. I'm not saying you're wrong but that there are other religions in the world who are just as devote, and believe just as strongly."
    Question #8: "I was told that if I had sexual relations with a man in the presence of his wife and with his wife's blessings, that it constituted marriage. My understanding of the bible is far from complete, however, I was of the opinion that it would take a more formal type of ceremony and in the presence of two or more witnesses. From what I have read on your website, it would confirm my belief. Would someone address these ideas for me?"
    Question #9: "I became interested in the subject about two years ago after seeing a news special on Christian polygamy. I wondered what the heck Christian polygamy was, after all, that was just plain sin. I investigated the subject and I could only come to one conclusion...there is nothing wrong with it (scripturally that is). I have only broached the subject with my dad and have thought of giving him your article to get his take. I doubt he would think me of sane mind."
    Question #10: "The first place in the Bible where a doctrine, idea or institution is mentioned, a foundational truth is set forth. In Genesis 2, God created one wife for Adam. He did not create multiple wives for him, which God certainly could have done if He had meant to. God was setting forth a pattern in this passage which defined His intentions for the institution of marriage. Godís plan was for a man to be married to one woman, and one woman only."
    Question #11: "I would be interested in your opinion of the passage in Timothy that refers to "seducing spirits and doctrines of devils" as it applies specifically to the "forbidding to marry" we see in the system of enforced monogamy. Nobody seems to comment on that. As I see it, a system that prohibits the divinely sanctioned practice of polygyny is not merely in error. It's wicked, through and through."
    Question #12: "I have heard people say that in Old Testament days men owned women and paid for them. Because these days women are not owned by men there is no such thing as adultery anymore [they argue that adultery was simply a violation of property rights over the women]. They also argue that premarital sex is not a sin because fathers used to own their daughters and sell them. They were only put to death for 'playing the harlot' as the man who married her paid for a virgin (the virgin dowry). What do you say about these issues?"
    Question #13: "I read on another reliable bible study site where this one guy asked if looking at girlie pictures to masturbate is a sin. We know now that masturbation isn't sinful but participating in someone else's sin is a sin. Basically what the bible study guy said was "There is a big difference between looking at a picture of a woman posing nude verses viewing a graphic sex scene. So I wanted to see what you had to say about this as well. Another thing I wanted to know is if viewing a regular woman nude is ok and masturbation is ok, then what about viewing a video of ONLY a single non betroved woman masturbating? Is that a sin?"
    Question #14: "I understand the Fathers' allowing polygyny for the original purpose of replenishing the earth and later for the posterity of His chosen nation. However I can not help but wonder 'what would be Father's purpose for it today?' Surely, logically such an act, would serve only one 'ungodly' purpose in todays society, satisfying the lust of the male at the emotional expense of the female."
    Question #15: "Some people say Jesus changed the law. How are we supposed to know for sure what the adultery is for the man in Matt 19:9? I could argue the husband commits adultery by causing his wife to commit adultery by unlawfully divorcing her."
    Question #16: "I commend you on your excellent site, and the fine quality and Scriptural basis of the articles you have available. This I noted, however: "Scripture does not give a woman permission to divorce her husband under any circumstances.' Passages cited in this very section, including Ex. 21:11 ("...if he do not these three unto her, then shall she go out free without money") indicate that the woman is not without recourse. 1 Cor. 7:15 would seem to indicate, in support, that a wife who is abandoned by an obviously non-believing 'husband' is "not under bondage" in such cases."
    Question #17: "Is taking photographic pictures of my wife for personal pleasure sinful? Short and to the point.. thank you for your help."
    Question #18: "The true and living God will not have a wife that is being beaten to death stay with a husband of such. That is totally against his character. Therefore, she can divorce him in the eyes of God OR will God have her lose her life to his vicious hands. What kind of God would allow that?!!?"
    Question #19: "You are referring to women as "slaves". CLEARLY UNBIBLICAL!!! We are only servants unto the MOST HIGH GOD and THAT'S INCLUDING MEN TOO THAT ARE HIS SERVANTS!!! It's funny how you are belittleling women, YET PAUL EXALTED SOME OF THEM AND JESUS FIRST EVANGELISTS WERE WOMEN!!! Jesus told me this "not to cast my pearl before swine". You are no messenger of His."
    Question #20: "My husband has been having sex with another woman behind my back for several months now. I have known for a month now. He planned to have us move into our new home, then tell me about his 'affair' and sell the home, and get a Divorce. I had to serve him Divorce papers because he kept threatening to not help with the Mortgage. he is an 'officer of the law' too. So where is the scripture for husbands that do this BETRAYAL BEHIND the wives back, and treat the wife for almost a year with disrespect, anger, verbal abuse, condemnation, and cruelty??"
    Question #21: "I believe that God allowed the institutions of slavery and polygyny, but that he completely intended to slowly replace them as society advanced, and as mankind was better able to survive without such institutions. Today it would seem difficult to argue for the benefits of slavery, whether God allows it or not. In the same way it may be difficult to argue for the benefits of polygyny in our current day."
    Question #22: "I completely agree that no Christian should ever obey a law that contradicts God's law. My argument is that the institution of polygyny is not necessarily commanded to us by God's law, but that it is simply something that God has allowed mankind to have. In that light, if polygyny were completely outlawed in the United States, that would not at all be stepping on God's law, or overriding it in any way. This is why I don't quite agree with the idea that polygyny is acceptable even if outlawed by the governing authorities."
    Question #23: "YHWH designed man to be visually stimulated, looking at nude pictures of any woman other than ones own wife would fall under "thou shalt not covet...". If the woman that you are looking at is unmarried she is still under the authority of her father. The act of masturbating may not be a sin but when you are doing it while looking at a woman that is not yours to look at you are participating in whoring and coveting. Men look at naked women for one purpose and one purpose only to satisfy there sexual desires and this is what a harlot is for."
    Question #24: "In order to hold any position of authority in the congregation, one was limited to one wife, to set an example (1Tim 3). The claim that the scripture in 1Tim 3 could mean they must be married and must have kept their "first" wife is just wrong: 1Tim was written by Paul, who was obviously single (1Cor 7:8). This is a cap and not a minimum."
    Question #25: "Hi, I liked alot of your teachings i'm 16 yrs old and trying to find lots of info on the bible and what it means . I was wondering what denomination are you????"
    Question #26: "Sin in Scripture: "For I am Yahweh, I shall not change" (Malachi 3:6a, The Scriptures), if only things were that simple, consider Acts 17:30 (NIV), "In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent." I think statements like Malachi 3:6a imply that God was, is, and will be holy, loving, merciful, etc... God's actions can at least change from overlooking to a demand of repentance."
    Question #27: "If polygyny was not a sin in Biblical days; when and where did it "become a sin" in our western culture. Can a practice or behavior that was allowed by God at one time in history be redefined by God later in history as sinful? Would God "flip-flop" like that? I can't see God doing that--it sounds more like something a politician would do. It even goes against the scripture that says that God is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow."
    Question #28: "Can you tell me if masturbation is not a sin and viewing pornagraghy is not a sin??? thanks if you answer!!"
    Question #29: "The ten virgins were not ever going to be joined to the bridegroom; they were attendants of the bride sent to welcome the groom.."
    Question #30: "What is God's view of dancing? Various types of dancing include: ballet, waltz, tango, foxtrot, jazz, folkdances, dancing to gospel music while listening, and also dancing in a social location mid-afternoon on Saturday with children as well as adults present (i.e families) and without alcohol."
    Question #31: "The timothy reference of the elder to be the husband of 'one' wife ... one means either the numeric 1, or the first in a series ... So, which does this intend? Should the elder be appointed when he is 'on' the 'first of many wives', or the husband of 1 wife? I interpret the singular. And if rightly so, and in supporting texts, we are to aspire to 'add to our faith', 'work out our salvation', 'desire the greater gifts', that Paul wished 'we were/could be like him' (regarding marriage)."
    Question #32: "If people are engaging, under your definition, constant sin through adultery. How is it that they have blessings of God, communicate with him daily, act as his hands and feet, and are in fellowship with him? I know a few different pastors that are remarried after their first wife was divorced for adultery and yet seem to be under the mantle of God and doing his work."
    Question #33: "If "adultery" has to "involve a married woman and a man other than her husband", then how is the man committing "adultery" by putting away his wife and marrying another? I do understand the principal, just not the reasoning behind your statement."
    Question #34: "It is easy to see your articles have an agenda, a 'letter of the law' view of God's familial hierarchy. The Spirit is missing. You dot all the i's and cross all of your t's in the Greek and Hebrew, but Law is the origin."
    Question #35: "You make a (seemingly good) case for the Hebrew word "ervah" being akin to whoring / virginity fraud but I am a little curious as to why this verse would mean that when Deuteronomy 22:13-21 already covers the case of a man accusing his wife of virginity fraud. Is it merely to address the case where a man was not sure about her virginity so rather than run the risk of being "stuck" with her for life if she was, he simply decided to put her away instead? And thus the hardness of man's heart that is mentioned in Yahushua's discourse with the Pharisees? ie. because if the man had a soft heart he would have loved his wife all the days of hs life even if he thought she wasn't a virgin??"
    Question #36: "I have a dilemma, at present my wife and I are currently seperated. She has decided to end our 25 year marriage stating she no longer loves me and has moved into another residence. The other aspect to this is that she was married when we met although going through a divorce process then. So in effect, I married another man's wife (he's still living) committing adultery in the process. She did as well which may explain why we've had so much trouble."
    Question #37: "I must say that Mishlei 5: 18 stating "rejoice in the wife of your youth" advises against acquiring more wives...simply because...if you were absolutely captivated by your Wisdom...realize that you would have less to spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially invest in her...if you had a second wife, and even much less with a third, and so on."



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