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Question #9: Dear Righteous Warrior, I have been reading your articles and I love them. I like that you hang it out there and don't shy away from subjects, even when they are not politically correct in the church. I became interested in the subject about two years ago after seeing a news special on Christian polygamy. I wondered what the heck Christian polygamy was, after all, that was just plain sin. I investigated the subject and I could only come to one conclusion...there is nothing wrong with it (scripturally that is). I have only broached the subject with my dad and have thought of giving him your article to get his take. I doubt he would think me of sane mind. Thanks for the article and speaking the truth, even at the expense of controversy.

It's good to hear from you. I'm glad you've found the articles on our web site informative and I appreciate your support. You are correct about this material being very unpopular in the church at large, but it's amazing to find out just how many believers either already knew these facts, or had recently discovered them through studying Scripture at home. I'm certain this is God's spirit moving and I'm just glad to have been given a part to play in His plans to help bring believers back to the knowledge of their Hebraic roots.

With regards to presenting the Polygyny information to your dad, I would say the best way to determine whether he would be able to handle everything would be to inquire whether he accepts God's Word as the final authority in his life. If he does and if he is willing to discard all his cherished beliefs about how things MUST be and look at the materials without preconceived ideas, then I'd say it would be fine to share this with him. The only real concern is that you don't want to create such a stir that could cause him to disbelieve the Scriptures or fall away from his faith. Polygyny isn't a salvation issue and shouldn't be presented to someone young in their faith, especially if it will harm them rather than edify them. You know your dad well enough to know that already. Just expect a good deal of resistance and lots of questions at first.

Thanks for writing in and letting us know that there are others out there who have studied and know the truth. Whatever Scripture studies you do, do them with all of your heart and passion, pray for His guidance, and God will lead you discover wonderful things in His Word.




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