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Question #19: You are referring to women as "slaves". CLEARLY UNBIBLICAL!!! We are only servants unto the MOST HIGH GOD and THAT'S INCLUDING MEN TOO THAT ARE HIS SERVANTS!!! It's funny how you are belittleling women, YET PAUL EXALTED SOME OF THEM AND JESUS FIRST EVANGELISTS WERE WOMEN!!! Jesus told me this "not to cast my pearl before swine". You are no messenger of His.

If women are somehow "slaves", then so are men. Please understand my heart here. The woman is the very representative of the church body. All believers are in the role of the woman in relation to Messiah. If I somehow gave you the impression that women are somehow less than men, that's not my heart at all. We are all servants, men and women alike, to the King of Kings. We are all His bride and He is our master. In this sense, we are all His slaves.

I also want to make clear that women are NOT subservient to men, but rather wives to their husbands. I know some men think that way but they are in error. Women are to follow their fathers until they are married, and then they are to follow their husbands. Aside from that, I don't see how I'm belittling women in any way. I cherish my wife, second only to the Master, and she has read every article on our web site before it is posted. If there was something just outright offensive to women, I believe she would have quickly pointed it out. I can see where a feminist would take offense, but that can't be helped. Truth is truth and men and women were designed for different purposes and roles.

This gender-confused society we live in has so deceived people into thinking that men and women are essentially the same thing, as if to spit in God's face regarding His clear statements of intention for His creation. Husbands are to be the leaders in their families, and wives are to be the helpers. I can't tell you how many Christian families I've seen where the wife is forced to be the spiritual leader, because the so-called husband will not step up and take on the role they were assigned. I'd rather have the wife take the reigns than have no spiritual leader in the family at all, but if the husbands were performing their roles, their wives wouldn't have to. Fortunately, God will use whomever is willing to be used.

Finally, why do you attack me for speaking the truth in love? I don't want to make you mad, I want to help explain, if I can, how God views the family unit. We must be careful not to blaspheme against His body, because as a servant of Messiah, I answer to Him alone. How will we look when we stand before Him and have to explain our so-called "love" for our fellow man? God's Word says that people will know we are believers by our love for one another, and we harm our witness when we attack the body. I hope we can at least be civil towards one another, especially when we are acting as representatives of our Savior.




"...In essentials we maintain unity, in opinions liberty, and in all things love..."

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