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Question #7: Are you saying that all other religions are wrong e.g. Buddhist's, etc and are they also doomed? They certainly believe in their faith as much as you do in yours. I'm not saying you're wrong but that there are other religions in the world who are just as devote, and believe just as strongly.

Absolutely they are wrong. All religions are wrong (including what most people think "Christianity" is), because they all involve man trying to reach up to a Holy God, instead of the Biblical concept of God reaching down to man. God is never about religion; He is about loving His creation and solving our unsolvable problem of sin and death and giving us another option. Most people miss the simplicity of the Gospel and try to earn their way, which God has already clearly stated will not cut it. Romans 3:23 says that ALL men have sinned and fallen short (or missed the mark). There is no redemption for someone who does not realize they need redeeming and who think they are on okay terms with a Holy God.

As for what someone believes, or how strongly they believe it, that's completely irrelevant. The modern infection known as "religious tolerance" is nothing but a smokescreen to give the impression that it doesn't really matter what one believes, just as long as they believe something. What a joke! No matter how much I may believe something, my belief doesn't make it true. I can believe the sky is pink but that doesn't make it true. It is important to know what is true FIRST and then to believe it. If I believe 2+2=5, no matter how strongly or firmly I believe it, no matter how many people have told me that it is so, that simply doesn't make it true.

Why tolerate error? The Gospel message in the Bible says there is only ONE way to the Father, not many ways. The Gospel message in the Bible says that there is only ONE name by which man can be saved, not many names. I can certainly understand how people who don't believe in the Scriptures would have differences of opinion on this matter, but for Bible-believers, there's really only one possible answer that is true and everything that contradicts this, by definition, MUST be false.




"...In essentials we maintain unity, in opinions liberty, and in all things love..."

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