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Question #17: Is taking photographic pictures of my wife for personal pleasure sinful? Short and to the point.. thank you for your help.

I think the simplest answer would be to say that if the pictures of your wife are for your own eyes and are not going to be shared with others, then there cannot be anything sinful in seeing your wife in a photograph, any more than if you were seeing her live in person. A still image of something you are entitled to see in person could not be sinful for you.

However, if the images were of a sinful nature (ie. something that would be clearly sinful for her to participate in), then it would be sin whether in a photograph or not. As far as whether an image is sinful, either it depicts a sinful activity or it does not. The issue has nothing to do with being on a photograph. I know many believers would try to condemn someone for something that they would rather not do, but there is a difference between morals and values and we always need to be aware of the distinction.

As a husband and wife, you are perfectly entitled to take pictures of yourselves as you both see fit with no condemnation.




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