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Question #34: It is easy to see your articles have an agenda, a 'letter of the law' view of God's familial hierarchy. The Spirit is missing. You dot all the i's and cross all of your t's in the Greek and Hebrew, but Law is the origin.

I'm curious what the alternative would be to His written Word. You believe this to be a "law" issue, as in Mosaic law (Old Covenant law)? Marriage existed prior to Sinai and it was always understood to be a man taking a wife as his own. Is Scripture not to be our final authority on these matters? If it is not, then really, what difference does it make what Scripture says on any subject?

I have painstakingly studied marriage in Scripture for many years, until I properly understood these passages in their proper historical and cultural context. Your comment about the "letter of the law" suggests that we're taking God's Word too literally. Is it being legalistic to fully believe what His Word says on the subject of marriage? Is it following the "letter of the law" to define marriage as Scripture defines it, to call righteous what He calls righteous and to call sin what He calls sin? Honestly, I'm having a hard time seeing what you would suggest I do with His Word.




"...In essentials we maintain unity, in opinions liberty, and in all things love..."

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