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Question #18: The true and living God will not have a wife that is being beaten to death stay with a husband of such. That is totally against his character. Therefore, she can divorce him in the eyes of God OR will God have her lose her life to his vicious hands. What kind of God would allow that?!!?

While I can certainly understand your view, I think the answer would be the same God that requires us to give our lives, if necessary, for our fellow man. I personally would think that an abused wife would be well within her rights to separate herself from such a "husband" (I use that term loosely in this case), but that is not the same thing as saying that she is then "put away" or divorced and entitled to join herself to another man. So long as her husband lives, despicable as he may be, he remains her husband and the believing wife is to either reconcile herself to him (perhaps through outside assistance or counseling) or remain unmarried, otherwise she would be committing adultery. The New Testament is quite clear on this point.

I agree that man can be abusive and ungodly, but this was never God's intention. Husbands who truly loves their wives would love them like themselves and want to please and take care of them, just as they would with their children. Husbands who abuse their authority are acting against God and will have to answer to Him for their behavior. But there are ungodly wives in the world as well and they can be both verbally and physically abusive too. Some people are just going to make lousy spouses because they live ungodly lives. But these articles aren't addressed to the world, they are addressed to fellow believers in Messiah. I'm simply explaining, through our web site, how a loving family, with a proper understanding of Kingdom order and Godly living, can live in a patriarchal family unit. The examples you provide should NEVER occur where the husband and the wife/wives are acting in accordance with God's Word.




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