Controversial Truths

  The Bible Version Controversy
  The Divine Name of Elohim
  Biblical Patriarchy
  Biblical Polygyny (part 1): Definition of Words
  Biblical Polygyny (part 2): Polygyny in Scripture
  Biblical Polygyny (part 3): Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage
  Biblical Polygyny (part 4): Common Objections to Polygyny
  Biblical Polygyny (part 5): Clash of Cultures
  An Open Letter to the Christian Church Regarding Polygyny
  Biblical Definitions of Important Terms
  Oral "Sex"
  Divorce and Remarriage (part 1): The Tanak
  Divorce and Remarriage (part 2): The Messianic Scriptures
  Divorce and Remarriage (part 3): Conclusions
  "zanah": Whoring or Prostitution?
  Patriarchy Quiz



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